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October 2023

ENGINEER at FPCUP Summer School

ENGINEER project act as a supporter of the FPCUP summer school - workshop. In addition, invited lectures were given by A. Agapiou and K. Themistocleous. FPCUP is organised under the Copernicus European Space Programme. Each workshop is aimed at local and regional experts, archaeologists, decision makers, authorities, companies, researchers and students who provide training and sharing knowledge about the use of data Copernicus to monitor and maintain cultural heritage. FPCUP is a framework partnership agreement for use Copernicus data. It is...

ENGINEER at elementary and high schools.

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) invited Dr. Athos Agapiou to participate in visits at Primary and Secondary Schools on the 30th of October 2023, in the framework of the “Researchers at Schools” Programme. The main objective of the Programme is to increase the interaction between students/teachers and researchers as well as to promote the significance of research, innovation, and science, presenting at the same time scientific and research careers as an attractive career option for the future. Dr. Agapiou had...

Virtual Lecture (VT2): “Proposal writing webinar” – Part 2

The 2nd part of Virtual Training 2 (VT2) entitled “How to Prepare a Collaborative Proposal for Horizon Europe” of the ENGINEER Project has been successfully completed on November 26th (12:30-14:30 BST). This training had a specific focus on collaborative EU project and was delivered by the European Research & Innovation Office of the UCL.

ENGINEER @ ArcGIS User Meeting 2023, Athens

CUT postgraduate student Mr. Kyriakos Michaelides presented his work at the ArcGIS annual user meeting in Athens. Mr Michaelides communicated his work dealing with the development of a WebGIS and story-telling platform for heritage sites in the area of Keryneia. The platforms were developed using archived aerial and cadastral data as well as archived photos. This initiative was formulated under the agreement between the CUT Library Office and the Municipality of Keryneia. Michaelides K., Agapiou A., Papakonstantinou A., Lysandrou V., Online...

CUT – POLIMI meeting

A tele-meeting was organised earlier today between the project coordinator, Dr. Athos Agapiou and the POLIMI PI, Dr. Branka Cuca to discuss ongoing issues related to the ENGINEER project. The discussed topics included an overview of the activities conducted so far and the issues related to the upcoming interim report.

ENGINEER at the Summer School “Re-envisioning Cultural Heritage Documentation in the Metaverse Age”

Dr A. Agapiou was invited to the Summer School “Re-envisioning Cultural Heritage Documentation in the Metaverse Age”, organized by the ERA Chair of Digital Heritage and the UNESCO Chair. The summer school took place between 23-27 October 2023 at the Pefkos hotel in Limassol. Dr Agapiou’s talk was focused on the use of non-contact remote sensing approaches for cultural heritage. The title of the presentation was “Earth Observation for Cultural Heritage: an overview of applications.”

New Publication @ Heritage

A new publication was released earlier today by the Heritage MDPI journal. The joint publication of A. Agapiou and D. Skarlatos is entitled as “Geomatic Sensors for Heritage Documentation: A Meta-Analysis of the Scientific Literature”. Abstract: This review paper aims to provide a meta-analysis of the scientific literature for heritage documentation and monitoring using geo-information sensors. The study initially introduces the main types of geomatic sensors that are nowadays widely used for heritage studies. Although the list provided here is not...

MSc Students re-use ENGINEER Summer School Data

MSc students enrolled at the “Geoinformatics and Earth Observation” Master Programme of the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics at CUT, are elaborating low altitude drone RGB images captured as part of the first summer school of the ENGINEER project. This exercise is part of the MSc course GEO 554 “Digital Imaging, Photogrammetry & Computer Vision”, directed by Prof. Dimitrios Skarlatos. The purpose is to familiarize students with advance photogrammetric skills and relevant software for air triangulation and orthophoto production...

Short-term staff exchange 2 (SE2) and Workshop 2 (W2), CUT team members visited Aveiro (WP4 and WP2)

CUT team had the opportunity to visit the University of Aveiro as part of the second short-term staff exchange (SE2) and Workshop 2 (W2). The CUT team was exposed to the UAVEIRO equipment while dedicated lectures were provided as part of the second workshop. The visit held as a 2-day event in Aveiro (Portugal), hosted by the University of Aveiro (UA). The above activities are implemented within the context of WP4 and WP2, respectively. The UA team welcomed CUT staff at...