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September 2023

ENGINEER @ Researcher’s Night

ENGINEER @ Researcher’s Night

ENGINEER project was present at the Researcher's Night event, organized by the Research and Innovation Foundation of Cyprus, that took place on  Friday, September 29th 2023 in Nicosia. The European Researchers’ Night celebrating research, innovation and science, organized in Cyprus by the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) since 2006, was organised once again this year under the title Mission: INSPIRE. During the event, scientists, academics, researchers, and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to leave their research labs and offices for...
SIFET - Convegno SIFET 2023 conference


ENGINEER project was presented by our POLIMI PI Dr Branka Cuca at the SIFET - Convegno SIFET 2023 conference. The title of the presentation was “Geomatica e Ingegneria civile si incontrano per una ricerca innovativa sui beni culturali: le prime esperienze dal progetto "Engineer". SIFET was organizing the 65th National Conference in Arezzo from 27 to 29 September 2023, in the exhibition spaces of "Arezzo Fiere e Congressi". SIFET provided an opportunity to reflect on the use of geomatic...
Virtual Lecture (VT2): “Proposal writing webinar” 

Virtual Lecture (VT2): “Proposal writing webinar” 

The 1st part of Virtual Training 2 (VT2) entitled “Proposal writing webinar” of the ENGINEER Project has been successfully accomplished on September 18th (12:30-14:30 BST). The event makes part of a series of five virtual lectures in the framework of the WP3 of Project entitled as “Research management and administrative skills”. The lecture was hosted by the University College London (UCL). The 2nd part of the virtual training is scheduled for the 26th of October 2023.
Future analysis methodology for treating imbalanced data

Paper published @ Drones

A joint paper from Argyro Argyrou has been published at Drones MDPI. Abstract: Recent improvements in low-altitude remote sensors and image processing analysis can be utilised to support archaeological research. Over the last decade, the increased use of remote sensing sensors and their products for archaeological science and cultural heritage studies has been reported in the literature. Therefore, different spatial and spectral analysis datasets have been applied to recognise archaeological remains or map environmental changes over time. Recently, more thorough object...
First annual meeting

First annual meeting

The first annual meeting of the ENGINEER project was organised between the 11th -12th of Sept. 2023, in Limassol, with the physical presence of all advanced partners (UCL, AVEIRO and POLIMI) and the Innovation Hub of the ECoE. The participants had the opportunity to discuss the work carried out so far and planned the future activities of the second year of the projects. Details regarding the interim report, forthcoming training events virtual lectures have been also planned.
Βραβείο Νέων Επιστημόνων 1

Βραβείο Νέων Επιστημόνων

CUT, “Βραβείο Νέων Επιστημόνων: Διεθνής διάκριση σε ακαδημαϊκό μέλος του Τμήματος Πολιτικών Μηχανικών και Μηχανικών Γεωπληροφορικής του ΤΕΠΑΚ”, News ISDE YSIN, “The 1st Youth Innovation Forum on Digital Earth Concluded Successfully, Ushering in a New Chapter for ISDE Young Scientist Innovation Network” (more…)

At radio press

Athos Agapiou was invited earlier today to radio broadcasting at Radio Proto. Dr Agapiou was invited as part of his recently ISDE Young Scientist Award.

Internal CUT meeting

Following the previous week tele-meeting a new physical meeting between the CUT member took place in the premises of the university. The scope of this meeting was to further discuss common activities between geomatics and civil engineers as part of the further discussions that will take place next week during the first annual meeting between all partners.
Probing Ancient Cypriot Architecture and Landscape

New Tools for Probing Ancient Cypriot Architecture and Landscape

A new joint publication between CUT members, focusing on new advances in image processing that allow fascinating new insights to be gleaned from archived aerial images, and studies of both new and ancient seismic events are giving us a new understanding of the ancient world and how to preserve what remains. Read more here
The 7th Digital Belt and Road Conference

ENGINEER project at “The 7th Digital Belt and Road Conference”

Literature overview related to geomatics for cultural heritage, as part of the ENGINEER project was presented earlier today at the “The 7th Digital Belt and Road Conference”.  The oral presentation was part of the “Natural and Cultural Heritages enable Sustainable Development Goals” session, co-chaired by Dr. Wang Xinyuan, Dr. Rosa Lasaponara and Dr. Luo Lei. Agapiou A., A meta-analysis of Earth Observation and Geomatics for cultural heritage monitoring and documentation, 7th Digital Belt and Road Conference (DBAR) International...