Eastern Mediterranean Repository-Hub for Open Access Spatial Environmental & Archaeological Datasets

The links below comprise a list of current open access repositories for spatial environmental and archaeological data focusing on the Eastern Mediterranean but also covering the broader area of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. They are not a complete list but they are a good starting point for anyone seeking out websites, institutions and key studies with relevant data for GIS applications.

European Environmental Agency:

UNESCO World Heritage Interactive map:

G. Leventis Chair in Archaeological Sciences

SrIsoMed: Open access database of strontium isotopic SrIsoMed Logo values (⁸⁷Sr/⁸⁶Sr) across the Mediterranean

Bibliographic database for human bioarchaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East (EMME)

Maritime Endangered Archaeology of the Middle East and North Africa (EAMENA)


ArkeOpen, this open access interface allows you to consult, query and cross-reference open data from the ArkeoGIS research platform:

Pandora: a grassroots initiative (contains 45 repositories)

14SEA Project: A 14C database for Southeast Europe and Anatolia (10,000–3000 calBC):

IsoMemo Network:

Digital Archive of the Archaeological Map of the Czech Republic (AMCR):

Paleontological & Paleobotanical databases:


Paleobiology Database:

Archaeobotanical Database Of Eastern Mediterranean And Near Eastern Sites

Brandeis Library:

The Ancient World Mapping Center is an interdisciplinary research center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

ADS: The digital repository for archaeology and heritage:

Pleiades is a community-built gazetteer and graph of ancient places:

Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations:

Journal of Open Archaeological Science:

Cyprus Dataset: Settlements from 11000 BCE to 1878 CE:

Presenting the AfriArch Isotopic Database:

NeoNet Dataset. Radiocarbon Dates for the Late Mesolithic/Early Neolithic Transition in the North Central-Western Mediterranean Basin:

The NERD Dataset: Near East Radiocarbon Dates between 15,000 and 1,500 cal. yr. BP:

Dataset of Syro-Palestinian Chamber Tombs from the First Millennium BCE and CE:

Radiocarbon Dates Associated to Neolithic Contexts (Ca. 5900 – 2000 Cal BC) from the Northwestern Mediterranean Arch to the High Rhine Area:

Amalthea: A Database of Isotopic Measurements on Archaeological and Forensic Tooth Dentine Increments:

Towards New Demography Proxies and Regional Chronologies: Radiocarbon Dates from Archaeological Contexts Located in the Czech Republic Covering the Period Between 10,000 BC and AD 1250:

Neolithic Settlements in Central Europe: Data from the Project ‘Lifestyle as an Unintentional Identity in the Neolithic’:

Other key data-papers:

Kandel AW, Sommer C, Kanaeva Z, Bolus M, Bruch AA, et al. (2023) The ROCEEH Out of Africa Database (ROAD): A large-scale research database serves as an indispensable tool for human evolutionary studies. PLOS ONE 18(8): e0289513.

Comas-Bru, L., Rehfeld, K., Roesch, C., Amirnezhad-Mozhdehi, S., Harrison, S. P., Atsawawaranunt, K., Ahmad, S. M., Brahim, Y. A., Baker, A., Bosomworth, M., Breitenbach, S. F. M., Burstyn, Y., Columbu, A., Deininger, M., Demény, A., Dixon, B., Fohlmeister, J., Hatvani, I. G., Hu, J., Kaushal, N., Kern, Z., Labuhn, I., Lechleitner, F. A., Lorrey, A., Martrat, B., Novello, V. F., Oster, J., Pérez-Mejías, C., Scholz, D., Scroxton, N., Sinha, N., Ward, B. M., Warken, S., Zhang, H., and SISAL Working Group members (2020): SISALv2: a comprehensive speleothem isotope database with multiple age–depth models, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 12, 2579–2606,

Rovere, A., Ryan, D. D., Vacchi, M., Dutton, A., Simms, A. R., and Murray-Wallace, C. V. (2023): The World Atlas of Last Interglacial Shorelines (version 1.0), Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 1–23,

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