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January 2024

Advisory Board of THETIDA project

The project coordinator was invited to participate as a member of the Advisory Board of Horizon Europe project entitled THETIDA, established to ensure an effective networking and knowledge exchange involving different groups of external professionals working in the fields of geoinformatics and earth observation, integrated systems for cultural heritage management, heritage material deterioration, ocean and geo-hazards modelling, crowdsourcing, living labs and co-creation approaches. THETIDA aims to contribute to safeguarding and protecting Europe’s coastal and underwater cultural heritage by exploiting cutting-edge...

Prof. Dimitrios Skarlatos Commission Chair – Technologies for Cultural Heritage Geometric Documentation, CIPA Executive Board

Prof. Dimitrios Skarlatos has been nominated as Commission Chair – Technologies for Cultural Heritage Geometric Documentation at the CIPA Executive Board for the next four years starting from 01.01.2024. CIPA Heritage Documentation is a dynamic international organisation that has twin responsibilities: keeping up with technology and ensuring its usefulness for cultural heritage conservation, education and dissemination. This dual role is exhibited in our parent organizations: ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments and Sites) and ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote...

December 2023

ENGINEER presented at ARGUS Horizon Europe Kick-off meeting

ENGINEER project was presented by Dr. Athos Agapiou during the kick-off meeting of ARGUS Horizon Europe project on December 18-19, 2023 in Athens. ARGUS is exptected to run for 36 months and draws on the current challenges in monitoring remote built heritage assets and the current research focus on preventive preservation. CUT is participating in ARGUS as a partner being responsible for several tasks related to remote sensing, assessment, monitoring and preventive preservation, focusing in areas such as urbanization, soil...

Internal meeting between CUT, UCL and UAVEIRO

An internal meeting was hosted between ENGINEER members from CUT, UCL and UAveiro to discuss matters related to the organization of the ENGINEER Workshop 3 (W3). The partners discussed the proposed activities to be carried out during the workshop hosted at UCL premises as well as the contribution of UAveiro. W3 activities are also linked to ENGINEER Summer School 2 (SS2) that will be hosted around June 2024 in Cyprus by CUT.

Invitation by the Rector of POLIMI to participate in the QS Global Academic Survey 2024

An invitation was sent earlier today by the Rector of the Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) to the coordinator of the project, to join the universe of international higher education experts and share his opinion with QS on the best universities around the world. This invitation is part of the QS Global Academic Survey 2024, a prestigious international Higher Education ranking system.

ENGINEER work presented at COP28 UAE – United Nations Climate Change Conference

ENGINEER was presented by the national stakeholder from the Department of Antiquities, Dr. Anthi Kandeli, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) organized in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 30 November until 12 December 2023. The conference closed with an agreement by delegates from nearly 200 countries to transition away from fossil fuels. In the short-term, Parties are encouraged to come forward with ambitious, economy-wide emission reduction targets. COP28 also highlighted the importance of other issues related to increasing climate...

Publication at ISPRS archives

A joint publication from George Kafataris, Dimitrios Skarlatos and Marinos Vlachos at the ISPRS archives was realised earlier today. Abstract. The fusion of geomatic techniques with different accuracy and resolution has been used in recent years to applications of geometrical documentation for several archaeological sites. In this research article, the case of the Roman Baths of Amathus in Limassol, Cyprus was investigated. Aerial photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) techniques were used to produce the final product. The photogrammetric data were...
Internal meeting between CUT and UCL

Internal meeting between CUT and UCL

A virtual meeting was held between members of CUT and UCL to discuss matters related with the upcoming activities of ENGINEER, namely Industry & Knowledge (IK) Transfer 2 on January 2024, Workshop 3 (W3) on April 2024 (at UCL premises) and Summer School 2 (SS2) on June 2024 (at CUT premises and case study site). The context/approach of W3 which is linked to SS2 was decided after a constructive discussion and suggestions from both sides and a new meeting was...

November 2023

Internal meeting between the PIs of the advance partners and CUT

A detail discussion between the CUT and the PIs of the advance partners was organised earlier today in order to facilitate details for the forthcoming interim report. Interim report structure was presented by the coordinator of the project and key dates for delivering the report on time were set.
The role of AI and Remote Sensing for monitoring archaeological and cultural heritage

The role of AI and Remote Sensing for monitoring archaeological and cultural heritage

Mrs Argyro Argyrou was invited as a guest speaker in order to present her work at the Digital Scholarship Program, Fall 2023. The event was organised by the Koç University, Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED)Library, housed in the historic Merkez Han on Istanbul’s Istiklal Street. ANAMED Library, organizes online Digital Scholarship Program for researchers and ANAMED fellows who study in the fields of Archaeology, History and Art History every Fall Semester. Mrs Argyrou presented her work under the title “The...