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September 2023


Internal CUT meeting

Following the previous week tele-meeting a new physical meeting between the CUT member took place in the premises of the university. The scope of this meeting was to further discuss common activities between geomatics and civil engineers as part of the further discussions that will take place next week during the first annual meeting between all partners.
Probing Ancient Cypriot Architecture and Landscape

New Tools for Probing Ancient Cypriot Architecture and Landscape

A new joint publication between CUT members, focusing on new advances in image processing that allow fascinating new insights to be gleaned from archived aerial images, and studies of both new and ancient seismic events are giving us a new understanding of the ancient world and how to preserve what remains. Read more here

August 2023

Internal CUT meeting

A tele- meeting was organised earlier today between the CUT members to plan the activities of the forthcoming 1st annual ENGINEER meeting that will take place between 11th and 12th of Sep. 2023 in Limassol. An update of the progress of the ENGINEER project was made by the coordinator of the project, while a discussion was followed to key points raised during the first year of activities of the project.

May 2023

Internal meeting of Head Labs CUT for clarification of the KPIs

Following the tele-meeting with UCL and POLIMI the leaders of the labs participating in the project (Earth Observation Cultural Heritage Research Lab, https://web.cut.ac.cy/eocult/; Hephaestus Laboratory, https://hephaestuslab.eu; Photogrammetric Vision Lab, https://photogrammetric-vision.weebly.com, and the Geospatial Analytics Research Laboratory http://geospatialanalytics.cut.ac.cy) have met to discuss the performance of the KPIs, as part of their joint future efforts, during and after the end of the project.

Discussion during the Experts Visit (EV) 1

The first expert visit (EV) meeting scheduled under WP1 took place on Wednesday, Nov 9th in Limassol (premises of the Crown Plaza Hotel) between CUT and POLIMI members. The meeting was linked to activities of WP1 and more specifically to Task 1.1 Baseline and opportunity assessment. The first part of the meeting had a focus on a brief presentation of WP1 Knowledge and Research Gap, on the needs for such assessment in a Widening project such as Engineer, and on some...

November 2022

ENGINEER Personnel Ranked Among Top 2% Researchers Worldwide

The high-quality and international impact research work of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is reflected in the inclusion of twenty-four (24) of its academics among the world's leading researchers. The updated databases "Data for updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators" have recently been published, with data up to the end of 2021, which include the leading researchers worldwide, both throughout their academic careers and exclusively for the year 2021. These lists are created at Stanford University in the...

Online meeting for WP1 between CUT, POLIMI and ECoE

An online meeting was held on the 24th of October within the framework of ENGINEER project and for the needs of Task 1.1: Baseline and opportunity assessment which is led by POLIMI. The meeting served as a first introduction between CUT and POLIMI members before the kick-off meeting which will take place in Limassol (Cyprus) in person. The meeting was also aiming to introduce the assessment activities of CUT laboratories across four parameters stated in the project description: a. research...

Start of the project ENGINEER, 1 October 2022

On October 1st, 2022 the European project "Civil engineering and geomatics innovative research on heritage" (ENGINEER), coordinated by the Department of Civil Engineering and Geoinformatics of the Cyprus University of Technology, started its research and vocational training activities. The ENGINEER research project focuses on innovative research fields that deal with documentation, digitization, visualization, data exchange, structural design, seismic and conservation engineering of cultural heritage, including monuments and landscapes. It is a three-year project funded by the European Commission, amounting to 1.5...

Project Internal Meeting, CUT team members, 19 September 2022

Ιn anticipation of the official kick of the projects, the directors and the research personnel of the involved four laboratories of the coordinating institution (CUT), namely members from the Earth Observation Cultural Heritage Research Lab (EOCult, https://web.cut.ac.cy/eocult/) the Hephaestus Laboratory (https://hephaestuslab.eu), the Photogrammetric Vision Lab (https://photogrammetric-vision.weebly.com), and the Geospatial Analytics Research Laboratory (http://geospatialanalytics.cut.ac.cy) have met to discuss and set up future actions of the project. In addition, the coordinator of the project has provided updates during...